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Privacy Policy

The privacy policy will enlighten you with all the measures taken to protect the information you give in to and how it is used by when you use the site.

Any information that you provide to, or fill into to help identify you is use according to this privacy policy, with all the assurance. With certainty, it is made sure that the personal information or any other information leading to your identification that you provide to stays protected under this privacy statement.

There may be changes made by in privacy policy at any point of time, they will however, be updated every time there is a change in the policy. To keep you updated, it is advised that the page be visited from time to time.

Required Personal Information may ask for the following information:

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What is done with the information gathered?

The information asked for at is to understand and to make sure that you are provided with the right kind of information and service that you seek, other than this, the information is asked particularly for the following reason:

  • Record keeping for
  •  The information that you provide may be used to improve our products and services or any other features on
  • The information also enables you to be automatically updated with any kind of new products or any special services or any other promotional package, introduced at The information is provided by you helps to determine that what kind of updates might interest you.
  • Your personal information, your contact email, fax, or phone number may be used to contact you at any point of time by, for research purposes. Research that may involve improving or customizing the quality of the website according to your suggestions and interests.

Security of Personal Information

It is taken very seriously and at priority that the personal information that you provide to is kept under full protection and complete safety, by maintaining procedures that involve electronic, physical and managerial support. These procedures are specially designed to ensure that security breach in any capacity and at any time is easily avoidable.

How cookies are used by Exam-collection

To help keep a track of your interests, inclinations, virtual habits, likes and dislikes, we keep a track of your web related activities on your computer through traffic log cookies, for example the kind of sites you visit, or pages you use. This kind of data helps in analyzing the kind of changes that should be or could be made to improve the quality of our website, and to improve customer satisfaction. After the desired information is deciphered and processed into another form, the original data is removed from the system.  

However, it depends on you in the first place, if you want web related information from your pc to be used in the process mentioned above. All of this starts taking place once you allow a cookie to be downloaded, which is placed in your hard drive. Cookie is basically a kind of a file that once downloaded in your system, helps us keep a track of your web use and then analyze the information for development purposes. The cookies enable you to be treated as an individual on the basis of your web activity, and then tailor several web applications according to your needs, likes, dislikes, preferences and inclinations by gathering, remembering and then analyzing the kind of information saved by the cookie.

By and large, cookies act as a bridge between you and the web host, making your activities interactive which in return results in interest of web user and the web host. It helps the web hosts to make their websites better by using the information gathered from you with the help of cookies. Downloading cookie in your system does not, on any scale, jeopardizes and compromises the security of your computer, the information and data in your computer or any other information that you do not wish to or chose to be shared with the web host, it is all up to you in the first place if you chose to share any information with the web host or not, simply by accepting or declining downloading cookies in your system. Cookies are usually accepted by all the web browsers automatically, but you can easily change this feature by resetting your web browser to your preference, however, declining cookie download may not enable you to use the website at its maximum capacity.

Following ways show you that how can you restrict your personal information from being used, if you do not chose to share it:

  • There is a box available in the online form that indicates that you do not wish the information you are sharing to be used by anyone directly for marketing or purposes you are not comfortable with. Just select that box, and your information will be treated accordingly.
  • After letting your information be used by the, you want to terminate such link between you and the web host, you can easily get it done simply by writing an email to

The information you provide will only be used for particular purposes as mentioned above in the privacy statement. At any point of time it will not be shared, sold or leased to any third party or any person under any circumstances unless it is made obligatory by law or required for lawful purposes